WCDMUN 2018 officers

  • Secretary General: Síofra Watson  
  • Deputy Secretary General: Bevin Armstrong  
  • Head of Secretariat: Jasmin Leech  
  • Head of Press: Georgina Farrelly  
  • Heads of Security: David Neill and Joseph O'Connor  


Security Council: 

  • President: Antonia Birrell (Wesley) 
  • Deputy President: Ruby Meira (Wesley) 
  • Guest President: St. Andrews College TBC  


  • Head Chair: Bevin Armstrong (Wesley) 
  • Co-Chair: Úna Nolan (Wesley) 
  • Guest Chair: Vita Soldatkina (Villiers School)  


  • Head Chair: Niall Brady (Wesley) 
  • Co-chair: Harry Williams (Wesley) 
  • Guest Chair: Osamah Ahmed (Terenure)  


  • Head Chair: Eoin Finnegan (Wesley) 
  • Co-Chair: Niall Finnegan (Wesley) 
  • Guest Chair: Fields Chung (The High School)  

Human Rights

  • Head Chair: Jonah Lindroos (Wesley) 
  • Co-Chair: Erin Beatt (Wesley)  
  • Guest Chair: Olivia Copeland (Methodist College)  


  • Head Chair: Claire Patterson (Wesley) 
  • Co-Chair: Jessica Mitchell-Doyle (Wesley) 
  •  Guest Chair: Nicole Buckingham (Friends School Lisburn)  

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